Jay Finger malt expressionistische Bilder mit dynamischem Pinselduktus in Acryl und Ölfarbe. Sie hat über zwanzig jähren Menschen gemalt am liebsten direkt. Ihre Werke in der jüngsten Vergangenheit plädieren für den Umweltschutz entgegen des Konsumwahns.  Sie bittet uns die Welt zu lieben. Licht und Farben aber auch Humor spielen die Hauptrollen in ihren Bildern.



The themes of my work have changed in the last few years, as I have. I think we all must begin working to make the world a better place and very quickly. We are losing so much of our beautiful world through pollution and consummation.  Our children’s future is becoming bleak. Our governments are corrupt and down right ridiculous. We are in a downward spiral; our values and our priorities have been bought and sold.

 I am seeking answers in my work, examining questions, tying to form and state my own opinion on how we can continue to evolve. I am also trying to find the silver lining.


Jay is a native Californian. She had a career as a Design Architect in Los Angeles and Germany and now resides with her family in Vienna.