Künstlerbund Klosterneuburg

Einladung Zur Der Ausstellung-

"Weites Land" in Schloss Hoff - Orangerie

Ausstellungsdauer:  20. Juni 2020 bis 6. September 2020
Öffnungszeiten: täglich 10 bis 18 Uhr

SCHLOSS HOF is a beautiful Austrian castel, 18th century Habsburg complex including a farm with restored staterooms and elaborate ornamental grounds. www.schlosshof.at  A wonderful summer outing!



(Weiterer Ausstellungen:

VKK- Eichgraben Sa. 4.7 bis So. 22.8.)



Please browse at your leisure through my website. The Earlier Works are an attempt to bring hot summer sunlight into my Euopean winter home. The  Recent Works have more of a life of their own, are more emotional and expressionistic. When painting From the Model, I am speechless, awestruck, and in a hurry.

 My work has changed and so have I. I am painting now to resolve questions, to ask questions and to state my evolving opinion.

Painting is not only my greatest pleasure but also my salvation. I need the work. I hope the work speaks for itself.


Thank You,


Jay Finger